Eagle Scout Project for Kevin Sealy

Compass Rose at the Astoria Airport

Completed October 2004

A big thank you to:

John Twiss, Twiss Air Service
Ron Larson, Port of Astoria
Steve Thornton, Clatsop County Surveyor
The United States Coast Guard
Cmdr. Clark, USCG
Jeff Winter, Seattle Airports District Office
Ben-Ko-Matic Brush and Equipment Company
The workers from Troop 211:

Tom Clark
Sam Clark
Andy Gardner
Nick Gardner
Chad McDowell
James Strecker

Dan Sealy
Suzy Sealy

Hazel Sealy

The site preparation begins!

Steve Thornton surveys the site.

A double check...

"The line's good!"

Ron checks in...

Chalk lines and lumber crayons.

The painting begins!

White first...

Then blue...

Almost done!

Now for the emblem...

Kevin draws the emblem...

More blue paint!

The finished emblem.

Riding with the Coast Guard

From the air!
(Longest points are 80 feet across)